Ever wonder how someone could ever own a piece of the internet? Here are all the statistical facts about the technology behind the website.

_____________________________________________The Domain
Pretty much any ol' schmuck can register their own domain. The only problem is that since EVERYONE IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE registers .com domains, it is often hard to find the name you want. When Tydel asked me what domain I wanted for the [RAD] clan, instead of going with the basic, I pondered for quite some time and finally decided that would be more awesome. And rad. Domains can be registered at for around $8. Cheap! The expensive part is the hosting....

_____________________________________________The Hosting
Hosting is what costs the big bucks on the interent. Every megabyte of space is translated into dollars, and even the bandwidth of your site is charged. There are TONS of webhosting companies out there. I've used,,, and SpoonoHost. PHPWebhosting was super fast and awesome, but just didn't have enough space for me. Netrillium is probably the best webhost out there. Their service is great and the support team answers within an hour. If you're confused about ANYTHING or can't log in or something, just email them about it and they will most likely do it all for you. w00t. I was with LunarPages for quite some time. They offer lots of space for pretty cheap (around $100 a year). I just recently left them because I discovered SpoonoHost, which was the same price for way more space! I also have more databases, bandwidth, and pretty much everything else! And besides, it's, so it's gotta be rad.

_____________________________________________Be Hosted
My host also allows me to host people on my site. If you have a decent website that is rad, then I will give you a subdomain ( If you would simply like to host a few files on the interent, I would be more than happy to do so. Just contact me!