RAD Fans!

Wow, I had no idea so many people liked this site. I have people coming up to me in the halls telling me how much they love my site because they can get to games at school. Haha. Here are some more quotes from the loyal RAD fans. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!

_____________________________________________Fan Quotes
Blako182B: lol hey you have a good sit
Blako182B: I Am liek going here all day the games are so cool

Matt Worthey: ur site is crazy mad

ChillyWily1139: oh god, so yellow
ChillyWily1139: so bright
ChillyWily1139: you nearly blinded me
ChillyWily1139: you bastard!
ChillyWily1139: that link needs a surgeon generals warning
ChillyWily1139: nice looking site though

Tweaker: The yellow background was a refreshing optical relief from those ordinary looking websites. Besides, it had linkage to the ever popular Spank the Monkey game that I mastered so many years ago. And the Slap a Ho site was fun for a snort. Make sure you slap the ho nice and slow for a good laugh - the one-liners are too much.

EasyTouch77: Team Thunder niceeeeeeee azzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!1

mandapandawong26: dude, why are team thunder shirts so tight
mandapandawong26: and why are these picutres sooo hilarious
Masterful Genius: because we rule
mandapandawong26: basically

toma1717: sweet

MysterioJN316: whoa totally-rad looks awesome

RomeosAce87: nice job on the site