Contact Me

Have questions, comments, or concerns? Just be sure to be heard and MSG ME! There are plenty of ways to get a hold of me, so if you have some rad stuff, there's no excuse not to submit it.

_____________________________________________Electronic Mail
E-mail is a decent method of contact, however I DO get a lot of junk email, so unless your subject or name really stands out to me, it will probably get deleted! Haha. The best e-mail to use when contacting me is my GMail, which is shibbyful(a) Sorry for not linking it, but I know there are tons of spam programs that search for emails to spam. I also have hotmail, which is the same word, shibbyful but (a) Also, there's my UW account, pengisan(a), incase you felt the need to use that (or stalk me on facebook, whatever).

_________________________________________Messenger Programs
This is definately the best way to get a hold of me, for whatever reason. It's probably better than even my cell phone, which I pretty much never answer. I have AIM: MasterfulGenius, GTalk (awesome program) shibbyful(a), MSN Messenger: shibbyful(a), or XFire: Username Kaia. Yep, lots of ways! They should be up pretty much all the time, unless I turned off my computer for a night.

_____________________________________________Other Methods
Umm I'm not quite sure if there are any other ways, I mean, if you want my cell number or something you can ask me on messenger or something, but who would want that! And I guess you can talk to me on WoW too, since I'm on there 24/7. I currently play on Mannoroth as Treize or Taizja.